About Us

Maintlink Constructions commenced operations in 1996. It's Australian owned and operated with over 35 years of experience and a team of over 40 staff members. We specialise in Retail and Commercial Refurbishment,Educational and Residential development.

Maintlink Constructions incorporated in 1996 as part of a building company expanding into all facets of construction. The foundations for Maintlink Constructions were laid in 1996 when Michael Wehbe started a small partnership with Antoine Azar. Maintlink Constructions focuses on providing quality constructions services and solutions to retail, commercial and industrial property. We bring with us over 35 years of experience in providing these which gives us an edge in anticipating the needs of managers and owners.

We continually adopt industry-leading best practices to deliver the right solutions as our clients grow. Our dedicated team will focus on the specific environment, demographics, and WHS regulations of your site to provide a total building service solution to meet your requirements. We have never had an unhappy client.

We have assisted many major shopping centres with large construction works, over the years. At all times we aim to provide the highest quality and services, from concept to completion, in a timely manner through the entire construction process. We are customer focused and committed to open communications. We have the capacity to take on a diverse range of building projects regardless of size. Maintlink Construction has a team of builders, tradesmen, electricians, plumbers, and subcontractors who work closely together on projects. We have competent and qualified staff, as well as our own tools and trucks, which makes us extremely cost effective, reliable and agile.

Our extensive tenancy project management experience, allows us to provide commercial and retail customers and incoming tenants with consultation and support with the alteration and fit out process for new tenancies, and remedial projects. We believe in strong customer relationships. We've also developed a strong reputation in the industry with our flexibility, and adaptability to our clients needs.

We value safe work practices that are the foundation of our company culture. We believe in relationships with clients, consultants and contractors that embrace the principles of partnership. We continuesly contribute to the well-being of the community, the environment and people with whom we interact. We strive in development and learning, both individual and shared, and have fierce determination to support and enhance our reputation.

Key Staff

Michael Wehbe,
Managing Director

Michael pioneered the Maintlink Constructions in 1996. He is a very experienced manager who has a proven ability to project manage large complex projects and build strong teams that achieve results via sound project management disciplines. Michael is highly regarded and respected within commercial shopping centres.

Antoine Azar,
Operations Managing Director

Antoine is one of the most experienced construction resources of the company. He is responsible for all building construction plans and implementations.